First Post


Well I am stood on top of the ridge that runs through the property, overlooking the paddock containing our cows, heifers and calves. It’s breezy but sunny, which brings out the beautiful and subtle colours of the highlands coats. As it’s getting cooler the cattle are growing their second coat and starting to look, well hairy-er!

It has been a big year so far. James and I were married, we had a long case of pink eye to deal with and some fencing issues. Just recently we also lost a calf from one of our heifers. Sadly it was in breech and could not be saved. The heifer has some minor infection but seems to be doing well and the vet has given a positive outlook.

Things are definitely not all bad though. A beautiful bull calf was born just over a week ago to Hamish and one of our red heifers. We are very pleased with him and it looks like we will keep him in tact to grow out as a bull, our first from the Scorrybreck Fold. There are more calves on the way so watch this space for more news.

We decided to set up this blog as a bit of fun and a way to record our farming journey. We are by no means experts but enjoy learning with the hands on approach. As we are both new to this we will aim to produce a monthly newsletter from the farm. This may be supplemented by additional posts if anything interesting arises.

– Rachael


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