The Aftermath

This is what I was greeted with when I arrived at the farm this morning:



There are a number of large gum tree branches which have fallen from the neighbours side into our lane, making it impassable by vehicle. There is a section of damaged fence by the entrance to the lane, but fingers crossed the rest looks ok for now. It was still windy so I was not inclined to get much closer and look incase additional branches came down.

I mentioned in the newsletter yesterday that we were experiencing some windy weather. I have since looked back at the historical data from the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) which shows on three separate occasions gusts of 102 km/hr. Average wind speeds were in the region if 50-80 km/hr during the day, peaking around 3pm.

The fallen branches were not the only damage on our property. This is what remains of our shed:


It lasted 10 days and is completely unsalvageable, including the new shelves we had put inside. I was able to walk around part of it and collect the tools we had stored there earlier in the week. By the time I had finished the wind was picking up again at around 43-52 km/hr and some of the zinc sheets were beginning to lift again. I used what I could to weigh it down and try to secure parts before leaving.

I am thankful that the stock were unharmed as they are out of the way in the bottom two paddocks. I know it’s just a tool shed at the end of the day, but I just can’t help feeling gutted that all the time and love we put into our first construction on the farm was to be undone so soon. It almost feels spiteful.



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