Weeds Glorious Weeds

We have had a mild winter with only a small number of frosts and as such the weeds got a good run into spring. Whilst we do not have a significant weed burden on the property there a few hot spots which required targeting. Yesterday morning was spent spraying the areas in the front 3 paddocks where the cattle bed down. I even managed to rope in the old man to lend a hand.

The main weed targeted was marshmallow weed, with corkscrew weed, at hen and cape weed also present in minor amounts. Marshmallow is challenging weed to kill; it is most susceptible to poison when young and in vigorous growth. We used a 3 herbicide mixture consisting of Nail 240 EC, Grazon and Amicide 625. Following the weed tables for each herbicide gave the required concentration for the spray unit.

Spraying is best done when it is calm, and Sunday morning was perfect for it and so it was time to deal out death to the weeds. The herbicides act quickly and when we came to check the weeds this morning, desiccation and necrosis was already seen.


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