Another day another calf

Headed out to the farm yesterday to check on the stock and unsurprisingly Enid had calved. She had dropped a small, 22kg bull calf that will be given the paddock name of Baldric. He was sired by our former bull Blackadder who we culled last month due to his poor performance and difficult nature. So far his calves have not matched the performance of those produced by Hamish so our decision looks to have been a valid one.

Given that nature is highly heritable in cattle we will be watching how this calf develops over the next few months, unless he looks like he will be a star we will most likely steer him and raise him for beef. His birth weight of 22kg was very low, it will be interesting to see how he develops, we are attempting to record the birth weight of all of the cattle so we can monitor their performance.


As we progress with the farm we are trying to improve the quality of our data capture, we will also attempt to improve our analysis of the data we do gather.


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