Farming: Lessons to Learn

James and I turned up at the farm this morning to do a routine check of the stock and on arrival discovered the cattle were EVERYWHERE. Not just your average one or two escapees lurking close to the paddock they were meant to be in, but all of the girls were spread out across 5 of the 7 paddocks and the lanes.

After much muttering, grumbling and bemusement we had them gathered up and secured in a single paddock. They must have known we weren’t pleased as they moved very efficiently! The only one that gave us a bit of hassle was young Ciad-Ghin who had decided to rejoin the ladies. James managed to separate him into the paddock adjacent to the boys, but he just wouldn’t go through the gate. Eventually we moved the rest of the boys to join him as it was easier.

On our way out of the farm we took some time to close a number of gates and also switch the electric fence unit on. There was some eye rolling involved when we realised that last time we fixed the fence we had turned it off.. and left it that way! Some of our gates comprise of a thick hot tape and well, if theres no current running through it and there are bales of hay on the other side then you can be sure the cattle will walk straight through. Luckily they only got into one bale and only half at that. We ended up taking the other half back for the alpaca and sheep – lucky them!

There were of course lessons learn’t from this: always remember to turn your electric fence back on and if you have a gate, close it!

As if butter wouldn't melt in your mouth!

As if butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth!

– Rachael


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