Stubborn Cattle

I have been away from the farm for three weeks. During this time there has been little to no rain and virtually no new growth on the grass. The boys have feed left, though it mostly crunches underfoot as you walk through the paddock. 

The girls have grazed down two paddocks and they are starting to look overgrazed. Whilst I am happy for them to have less feed and lose some weight before calving, I am not inclined to let them starve. So my plan for this morning was to move the boys to the back paddock then put the girls where the boys had just been.

Mabelline tells me there isn’t much feed.

You can probably tell by now that this didn’t go according to plan. The boys were very stubborn and we ended up going round in circles, both parties getting frustrated. Not wanting to stir them up too much I abandoned this exercise and returned to the girls.

Butting heads rather than moving paddocks!

The yards and holding paddocks to these are adjacent to where the girls are held and is full of grass. My solution therefore was to open this area up for them to graze down over the next few days. It’s always useful to keep yards and lanes clear as these are access routes and working areas. You need to be able to see what’s underfoot so you don’t twist an ankle in a rabbit hole ore lose equipment. Typically they didn’t want to be moved either but as I had to leave the paddock open for water access this wasn’t an issue.

There’s some more grass in here!

Hopefully the hay bales in the front paddocks will be moved soon and the cattle can have access to more pasture in the few weeks before we move.

– Rachael


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