A Blustery Day at the Farm

Today is one of those days where I would much rather curl up with a mug of hot chocolate, my favourite slouchy clothes and a good book to read. The weather is distinctly Autumnal; fine one minute then spatterings of rain the next and very windy. One of those chilly winds that finds its way through your layers of clothing!

Green pumkin soup.. tastes better than it looks!

But after a morning of paperwork and some warming homemade pumpkin and kale soup, I put a thick hoody on and headed out to the farm. It’s a task I enjoy no matter what the weather, as I like to sit in the Land Rover and watch the cattle gather round. Sometimes I can watch them for hours. 

Chenoa asking if she really has to get up

Today the cattle were mostly bedded down in the long grass. I guess even the highlands don’t like the wind so much. A few got up and wandered over to the vehicle, but other than this there was nothing else to note. All was well 🙂

Jessica came to say hello, whilst Enid satisfied an itch

I was pleased to get a couple of nice atmospheric photos whilst I was out. I think this last one sums up the weather pretty well!

A cold and windswept calf

– Rachael 


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