Canine Addition

Now that James and I have moved to the new farm, we felt the time was right to add another canine friend to our family. 

Deva, arguably the world’s greatest yet most ridiculous dog loves the space at our new farm. She is free to explore and doggy about the house area all day doing dog stuff. However she is unaccustomed to being alone after growing up with three other dogs and actively seeks our company. This was cute at first but is difficult to accommodate now that we have the stock on the land and need to work in the paddocks where they are grazing. 

As a rule we don’t let Deva into where the stock are; she is a large hunting dog, highland calves are small and their mothers very protective. Why risk a situation when it can be avoided altogether?  

Deva, our Irish Wolfhound x Staghound

But this throws up another problem. The moment you close that farm gate to go and work there is the inevitable whining. A whining that crescendos into desperate barks once you are out of visual range. It’s quite gut-wrenching to hear, but we would never forgive ourselves if something happened to a calf.
The solution? Get Deva a doggy friend! 

After some debate between what breed, sex or even age of dog would be best, James and I decided to put it down to what was available locally. We had heard there were some 4 year old Borzois available in the next town, but after seeing how good Deva was with another puppy we felt a younger dog was needed.

On Friday an ad came up on Gumtree and Saturday, after a slight (1 hour) detour on the way to Sale and what must have looked like a dodgy deal in a McDonalds car park, we had a new puppy.
 Meet Rupert our 12 week old Staghound dog!
He is quite the little character and I have no doubt that he will grow up to be just as ridiculous as Deva. 
– Rachael

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