I don’t mean to anthropomorphise my stock but..

..I am nevertheless a firm believer that they have a certain intelligence and each have a character. 

I think most of ours know who is who and that ultimately we look after and protect them. Their ‘feelings’ just aren’t as extensive or complicated as humans and I have to remember that what they do is usually influenced by survival, food and curiosity.

Whilst out checking the stock this morning I had one of those moments where I felt one of the cows may have more intelligence than I give her credit for. Dumber (ironic huh?) came over when I was at the top of the hill and moo’d at me before proceeding to follow me as I checked the stock. Naturally I was a bit nervous, what with the horns (and hence why I didn’t stop to take a photo!), but I soon realised her calf was missing. It was as if she was following me to say “YOU! Strange two-legged predator thing who looks after us; fix my problem and find my calf!”. 

She kept following me until eventually I saw where the calf was – sat huddled under some cypress trees and oblivious to the raucous mum was making. When it finally did figure things out there was a mad dash for a large feed and Dumber was settled.

Mum and calf in question (photo taken a month ago):

I am quite sure my husband will disagree with my thoughts, but just sometimes livestock do things that make you think.

– Rachael 


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