There are times when I wish I were a Highland and times when I don’t.

Tonight I have mixed feelings and would settle if I could just have their hair to keep me warm.

We currently have a low-pressure weather system moving overhead and the last two days have been foul as the front passed over Victoria. It has brought high winds, one or two power outages, lashing rain showers and even some hail. The house is draughty so I am currently sat in bed under a duvet and two blankets wearing winter pyjamas and a dressing gown, listening to the increasing crescendo of rain on the tin roof. All the while I’m thinking how glad I am not to be a cow and that I don’t have to stand outside in this. Did I mention I have a hot water bottle too?

The cattle don’t have it too bad though. Both the Highlands and Belted Galloways are a double-coated breed, which means they grow an extra layer of hair during the winter months. This extra hair adds insulation and is naturally designed so that water runs off the coat rather than soaking into their skin. They are also hardy breeds and could withstand temperatures much lower than this, as they do in other countries. That weather doesn’t sound so bad now eh?

Despite this I still saw ours sheltering low down on an East-facing slope of the property, out of the wind. This is pretty sensible if you ask me, I have been sheltering inside my house baking biscuits!

– Rachael


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