I Think this Farm is Alive..

.. It likes to swallow things you see; money, gravel, a calf, gravel, money, the odd fence post. It has also made numerous assassination attempts on vehicles with no less than 4 getting bogged so far.

The latest victim was our stock agents truck. I had that sinking feeling of déjà vu as I watched the wheels spin deeper into the muddy jaws of the hill. Sheer will and determination saw us through though. Well that and nearly an hour on the tirfor winch (God bless my general rescue training with SES!). I do hope we don’t get black listed for this! 

Not all was bad today though; I am pleased to say that despite the vehicle getting stuck (and after that finding we had broken hydraulics on our hired excavator, waiting for the replacement, having an auger that’s 70mm larger than the post AND having the worlds wettest and slumpiest hole… We finally have a new farm gate at the front of the property. It only took us 8 hours to install.

– Rachael


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