A Mismatched Pair

Not all Highlands have beautiful and even sets of horns. In fact most horns have some degree of asymmetry, but often it’s unnoticed from a distance or only picked up after lots of time looking (guilty as charged). 

Subtly Wonky

There is a fantastic word that I love to use for uneven things and that’s ‘bockledy’. I’m not sure where I have heard this or if it’s even a real word (an Internet search came up with nothing) but it has been in my vocabulary since I can remember and often springs to mind when I see a few of the horn sets in the paddock.

Kayla sporting the ‘one up, one down’ look.

The unevenness usually occurs when the horn bud or young horn is damaged, forcing the horn to grow out in a different direction. Most of the time this isn’t a problem but in some cases the horn can curl around and grow into the animals head. This can be managed successfully by removing all or part of the horn and keeping an eye on the growth. Luckily we don’t have any stock at danger of this so the two girls, Guinevere and Kayla can proudly keep their mismatched pairs on display.

Gwen grows hers to the right.

This post is dedicated to all the Highlands with bockledy horns!

– Rachael


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