So I Organised my Shed..

My husband has a strange sense of humour. In between the flowers and the kisses he likes to leave me quirky presents, you know the general mess and clutter or holes under the sink sort. His latest gift was this:  

Yup, that is our little storage shed – look on and weep. Inevitably anything I needed was always at the back and I would have to warn him I was going in incase I didn’t return and a search party was needed.

But no longer! I spent the last two days moving everything out, ripping out the old shelves, building new shelves and organising.. sweet sweet organising! Here is the final result:

A bit of a difference isn’t it?!

Ultimately we will build a decent shed to house cars, tractor and tools – this is just a small out room on the house and serves a useful purpose at the moment. At least all the shelves I chose are the click together units so they will be easier to move at a later date.

For now though, having a tidy shed means that should I need to grab some equipment then I can be in and out in a few minutes. That could mean the difference between stock getting through a hole in the fence and being able to fix it before that happens.

– Rachael


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