Wire & Post


So James returned home last Friday and as usual we have thrown ourselves straight into the heavy work to get progressing with the farm. This time he is home we are working on our management plan to get the cattle in the front ⅓ of the property. This will allow us to fix the fences at the back and begin rotational grazing on a broad scale.
Drilling post holes along the driveway.

Drilling post holes along the driveway.

Last time he was home we hired an excavator with an auger and put in wooden posts along the driveway, as well as a new front gate. James did the hard job of drilling the holes (apparently I was too slow) and I carried the heavy logs and measured the spacings. Apparently I wasn’t too good at that either as the line of posts are supposedly wonky. You can’t tell though, especially as the entire driveway curves this way and that around the hillside.
"Wonky posts"

“Wonky posts”

Did you know there is a right way up to put posts in the ground?! Each one has a slightly wider end which should be inserted into the ground to allow the soil to pack in more tightly. It can be very hard to tell sometimes so the engineer made me measure a few!
We decided to use a combination of ring lock mesh on the bottom and two plain wires on the top. An electric offset was then put along the front and driveway and will be later extended around the rest of the paddock. Ring lock rolls are heavy – about 80kg – so we used the Land Rover to unroll the mesh along the driveway.
DIY fence unroller..

DIY fence unroller..

Mesh and plain wire combo.

Mesh and plain wire combo.

The cattle moved in on Monday and seem very happy with their new pasture. They love to camp up at the front of the property so people can now see them as they drive by, including James who now crawls along the front of our place at a snail pace just so he can admire them. They actually like to camp up at the front at night so I got a shock Tuesday night when I drove in and the headlights were shining off the eyes and horns!
Hello passers-by!

Hello passers-by!

We are very pleased with what we have achieved so far and now the cattle are happy we can do a little more housework – next stop the lounge before our UK guests arrive!
– Rachael

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