Exploring Every Corner

Earlier this week I was feeling somewhat worse for wear the day after after a very good night out. Not one to sit around and mope (and having already been out canoeing first thing) I decided to get some fresh air and take a walk to check the stock.


The back of the property – yes those weeds are mine!

They were at the back of the property and it was a nice day so I made the most of it by walking the fence lines and doing some exploring. I am still aiming to walk every inch of this place that isn’t covered in blackberries and in doing so I am constantly uncovering new things or noting areas that need attention.

Deep in the creek bed grass

There is a semi permanent creek at the back which isolates a corner of the property. This area is overgrown with weeds but also has some native regeneration happening and up until Monday I had always thought the creek bed needed to dry up before you could get across.
To my delight, now the stock have grazed down the pasture enough to see I discovered there is a solidly constructed wall and culvert crossing the creek bed. It looks just wide enough for a vehicle and I will test this soon as it will be handy to be able to drive equipment across. 


Follow the yellow coo road

I followed what looked like an overgrown track which came out onto the brow of the hill, near to a large, lone cypress tree. Here I discovered the remains of yet another shed that had either been blown to pieces by the wind, or pushed over by the low bearing cypress branches. Or perhaps both?! I have no idea what it might have been used for as it looks to have been small – perhaps just a shelter for stock?

I was pleased I could so easily make it here and it was nice to look at the land from a different view. The stock decided they also wanted to join me as my peaceful thoughts were suddenly interrupted by less peaceful mooing. From the looks of it not all of the cattle had crossed the creek the easy way and had instead opted to traverse the boggy creek bed. 


A muddy cow

It might not be the four corners of the world but I am pleased to have finally made it to all four corners of the property.  

I am also content in knowing the boundary fences are all in decent condition. 

– Rachael

The view from the other side


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