Dry Weather and Dry Feed

With the current El Niño in full swing it has shaped up to be very dry over the last two seasons. The unimproved pasture grasses are slow to bounce back with the lack of moisture and our creeks are no longer actively flowing. 

Plans are in place to destock some animals to relieve the pressure on our farm. We will be sending our steers up to James’ parents where there are some paddocks in need of grazing and also where our hay is stored. Our Belted Galloways are moving to a new home as we shift our focus back to the highlands and we have a couple of animals who are ready to put through the Abbatoirs and fill people’s fridges and freezers. 

We have recently split the herd, keeping the bull and cows together, whilst the steers, stock being sold and heifers being weaned are temporarily placed in one of the smaller paddocks by our yards. Sadly there is little feed in there so the stock were mighty glad when we fed out some hay earlier. 


Straight into the feed!


Three happy heifers

On the plus side, we have been able to drive the ute over most of the property and carry equipment for us. Fencing is much less fun when you have to walk your equipment up and down the hills!! Nevertheless I will be keep my fingers crossed that we get some decent rainfall soon so the pasture can bounce back and dams fill up again.

– Rachael


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