New Year Farming Resolutions

Well hello 2016 and a happy moo (new) year to our family, friends and followers! 

2015 was a big year for Scorrybreck farm: the move to the new place, new home, getting to grips with the daunting task of what we need to achieve in order to turn the land back into a productive block, reclaiming it from the weeds!

Along the way we have met some amazing people, settled into our new township and made some great friends. A few people who know the block have said we are doing a good job with it and that’s so encouraging to hear. Now we need to look ahead to 2016, what our major focuses will be and to set ourselves some farming resolutions.

The first thing we are looking forward to is a new set of yards. These are due in a couple of weeks time and I cannot tell you just how excited we are!

In terms of the work we have to do, increasing our water storage is going to be a priority. It’s very dry at the moment, so this will be a perfect opportunity to get some plant in to do much needed maintenance on existing dams. Some need sealing and others a few repairs so that they will be able to hold water all year round. This will help with the rotational grazing system we have begun to set up and will allow us to eventually fence off the creeks completely.

Continuing from last year will be our battle against the weeds. There is another  dose of aerial spraying scheduled to tackle flat weeds at the front of the property as well as another pass for bracken and blackberries. After this most of the weed work will be on foot in areas inaccessible to the helicopter. 

Potentially we would also like to look at pasture improvement. Fertiliser application and possible reseeding. 

For our personal resolutions we would like to tighten up on our record keeping. From recording daily rainfall (or lack of) to the dates the Bulls were in for breeding and checking and rechecking stock numbers in their respective herds. We do this to a degree anyway, but you just never know when this information written down might be useful. 

It would be nice to set up a weather station this year. Looking back at seasonal trends will help us plan farm maintenance, rotations and activities in the future. Not to mention it’s interesting to know!

So those are our new year farming resolutions. What are yours?

– Rachael


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