Grazing the Last Corner

Yay, after an intensive week of fencing, part of it up one of the steeper slopes of the property, I have lost weight, added to my farmers tan, nearly been sprayed on by a helicopter, found muscles I didn’t even know I had and finally been able to move the stock into the last, ungrazed corner of the property – phew!

Look at all that feed!

We have left this corner of the property untouched since we took the sheep off a year ago. It’s relatively small and wouldn’t have housed the entire fold for long. Now we have de-stocked and have poor pasture growth over the rest of the farm, it comes as a handy little extra that will see us over for a couple of weeks so the rest of the property can recover some more. I am determined to keep the rotational system in place as long as I can to promote more growth. Hopefully the rain that’s due later this week will be enough to help too!

The corner has three boundaries; two neighbours and the driveway. One neighbouring boundary is in really good shape, but the other not so much. In light of this I have spent time over the last week installing an electric offset along the two neighbours lines. Our stock respect a live wire, which helps discourage them from scratching and damaging the fence or jumping into the neighbours and potentially harming themselves. 


Setting up fiberglass offsets.

I love my stock. They are, most of the time, easily moved, but my word they make some noise when they do. They even had cattle from the surrounding properties joining in their chorus as I walked them up the slope and through the pine forest. Perhaps a more apt name would be ‘MOOved’! 


Rupert wonders what all the noise is about.


Being easy to move doesn’t always mean they will take the most obvious route!

Once they saw where I was taking them the noise was soon replaced by steady munching. If a cow could look happy then this was it. 

The only foreseeable downside to this plan is that I haven’t fenced off the driveway completely, which means unless I want poo driven into the gravel I will have to do some shovelling. I see it as a small price for giving them extra feed. Happy munching cattle!

– Rachael


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