Howling Wind and Horizontal Rain

As many of you would be aware it has been very dry down in South Gippsland, “as dry as 1967” according to one old family friend. Well yesterday was anything but dry, in fact it resembled something of the apocalypse. 

The wind started around 2am and the rain from 6am onwards. The day started getting brighter, then all of a sudden seemed to give up. Everything went dark, and an almighty squall hit cutting the power out. 

Amazingly we had no trees down in the morning, though the afternoon was a different story. We returned from town to find the ring lock on our driveway decorated by bracken that had been ripped from the ground and the track further down blocked by a large fallen pine that had split.

Then when we went to get the chainsaw this was seen: one of our five chestnuts was sadly no longer standing.


The track had to be cleared as it is our only access route in and out of the property, so it was out with the chainsaw.


A solid hour of work and the drive was cleared and we could make it back to the house. 


Hamish and Ciad-ghin weren’t too fussed by the events.

Today we will head out to see if there are any other trees down over the property. An on foot job as the ground will be too wet to drive on (yay!).

Here’s hoping the grass will grow!


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