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Husband and Wife, James and Rachael Nicolson


Our Farm


Scorrybreck Farm is a family run farming business located in the rolling hills of Foster North, South Gippsland. Here we run a small but growing fold of grass-fed Highland Cattle, which we hope to start producing quality dry-aged beef from over the next few years.

We have been operating here since early 2015, having moved from Sale where we began this enterprise. The land we purchased was neglected for some years and has subsequently fallen into disrepair and become overrun with weeds. Our efforts have been largely focused on cleaning up and reclaiming the land and we are beginning to see our hard work pay off. There is still a long way to go – not just restoring and improving the land but also developing our product and getting the word out about our beef.

We started out with three heifers and fell in love. My parents then bought us more as a wedding gift and that was the beginning of our fold. It’s named Scorrybreck as a nod to James’ Scottish ancestors and their home of the chief of the clan on Skye.


Why Highlands you ask? Well why not!


I truly believe that they are one of the most magnificent looking cattle breeds out there. From their shaggy coats and long fringes to those striking horns and their mouthwatering beef, they really are a sheer delight from start to finish. From a management perspective they are incredibly docile. They have a natural ease of calving and a strong maternal instinct.

It’s true the Highlands are a slow maturing breed and we see this as an advantage. Our steers are grown out to approximately three years of age, which allows plenty of time for those rich, beefy flavours to intensify. One further and highly desirable trait of the Highlands is their ability to produce a marbled meat, purely from grazing on pasture.


Our Blog


It is our intention to document our journey through these posts, whether that’s looking at pasture management, maintenance, weed control, discovering more about the Highlands or simply funny things that happen on the farm. We are by no means farming experts, but hope to inspire others by showing how we grow our farm and business.

– James & Rachael Nicolson


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