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  1. Hi,
    I found your article very interesting, considering I am the person who started breeding the polled highlands again as it has been done before here in Australia. I agree with everything you said, and thought you put the wording together very well. Now that the vote is done, and we are voted out, then I guess we will see what happens. We have started the new Polled Highland Cattle Society Inc, as the council suggested. My only point I would like to make is that I didn’t ask for it to be re voted on, so that must have come from Council, and I always wanted the society to keep it in a separate herd book so the Highland, as it is a beautiful and historic breed should not be interfered with.
    Thank you for your interest.
    Kind regards,+
    Julia Webster. Mayfield Highland Cattle and
    President of the Polled Highland Cattle Society Inc.

    • Hi Julia, thanks for your comments. I left the politics out of the article and just focused on the key points for and against and tried to portray a balanced view. It was a difficult decision and what’s done is done so as you say we will see what happens. Best of luck with the new polled society, I hope the set up and running goes well. At least we can all celebrate in the wonderful meat!

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